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Meeting Tomorrow!

When: 7-8:30 p.m.
Where: 87 Evans

Hopefully all of you had an awesome time at the Ron Paul event last Thursday, and are inspired to become even more active in the fight for liberty! If so, you can all start by attending this week’s Students for Liberty meeting.

This weeks meeting will be led by Subha Rengarajan, who will be giving a brief presentation and “crash course on libertarianism.” This will be particularly timely since we will hopefully be welcoming many newcomers from the Ron Paul event. We will then open up to a discussion on different aspects of the presentation including things such as the history of libertarianism and its role, as well as hold “speed debates” on some potentially divisive topics within libertarianism.This is sure to be an exciting meeting, so don’t miss it!

Once again the meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday April 10th at 7 pm in 87 Evans.

See you there!

UC Berkeley Campus Town Hall with Congressman Ron Paul Update!

Dear prospective attendant,

I hope you’re excited to see perhaps the strongest champion of freedom alive speak at the home of the Free Speech Movement! As a reminder, Congressman Ron Paul’s talk is scheduled for Thursday, April 5th at 7 PM in Zellerbach Auditorium at the University of California, Berkeley. Here are a few important details about the event to ensure that we accommodate as many people as possible in an orderly manner:

This is a high-demand event, so we encourage you to arrive early to secure your desired seat— especially if you are on the waitlist. Two lines will be begin to form at 4, one for attendants with early seating vouchers and one for those who are waitlisted. There will be Students for Liberty members with signs indicating each line available to answer questions. We will also have members passing out fliers, handing out literature, and answering questions to keep you entertained while waiting.

The doors will open at 6, at which time attendants with early seating vouchers will be admitted. We will be checking the IDs of attendants with vouchers to ensure that there are no duplicate tickets. At 6:30, if there is any space left, people on the waitlist line will be admitted. We’ve given away early seating vouchers for every seat in the auditorium, so it is unfortuantely very unlikely that many people on the waitlist will be admitted. To improve your chances, we encourage all waitlisted prospective attendants to arrive as close to 4 PM as possible.

Inside the auditorium, we ask attendants to move as close to the center of their aisle as possible and refrain from leaving any empty seats between yourself and strangers. To ensure that everyone will have a clear view of Congressman Paul, we will not be allowing signs.

Zellerbach Auditorium is located in Lower Sproul Plaza near the intersection of Bancroft & Telegraph. Because there will be several other events occurring simultaneously on campus with expected high attendances, we encourage everyone to either walk or take public transportation. However, if you must drive, you can visit this webpage for information about the nearest parking lots to the auditorium:

If you have any questions before the event, please feel free to email them to or post them on the wall of the official Facebook event at Students for Liberty will periodically answer questions until 4 PM on Thursday. If you have any questions immediately before or during the event, please feel free to approach any Students for Liberty member wearing the club’s black t-shirt. We want to ensure that everyone is comfortable, engaged, and excited to see Dr. Paul!

See you tomorrow,
Students for Liberty

Free Speech is Alive and Well

Ron Paul is coming to UC Berkeley.  Yes, you heard it, free speech is still alive and well at Berkeley, and just to prove it Students for Liberty and Youth For Ron Paul are hosting the best potential presidential candidate at an event which is free and open to the public in the prime campus venue Zellerbach Auditorium.

But, some of you may be asking yourselves or others, why should you spend your time listening to what he has to say on Thursday? Well, I’ll tell you why in three simple explanations that relate to issues that every American has been concerned with in recent history:

Ron Paul supports Internet Freedom, and a majority of Americans would agree with him.  Good luck convincing Obama or Romney of why Internet freedom is important to you, much less obtaining a promise that they will protect your right to it.  You almost certainly would not be reading this blog right now if it were not for that freedom.

Ron Paul is in favor of the right to choose what healthcare you purchase.  The healthcare legislation and its mandate dubbed “Obamacare” by both Republicans and now many Democrats is being challenged in the Supreme Court.  You will get to hear Paul’s perspective on why all Americans deserve the right to choose to purchase what healthcare they want or none at all.

Ron Paul is against the wars that both Democratic and Republican presidents have continued to support for the past 12 years.  Needless to say he takes a much stronger opinion on this, and draws more veteran supporters than any other presidential candidate.  All I am saying is Give Peace a Chance.

I have said my two cents for why it is important to attend Paul’s speech Thursday and listen to a man who supports the freedoms that have been achieved by countless generations of Americans.  Come and join the discussion, and see why Ron Paul really can follow through with his campaign promise to Restore America Now.

Ron Paul at UC Berkeley

Dear Friends of Freedom,

Students for Liberty and Youth for Ron Paul are excited to announce that congressman and presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul will be speaking at UC Berkeley next week! The event will be held next THURSDAY, APRIL 5TH at 7 PM in ZELLERBACH AUDITORIUM at the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY.

The event is free and open to the general public. However, due to capacity restraints, we encourage attendants to get an early seating voucher at the following link: The voucher is only good until 6:30 PM. After that, seating for the general public will be opened.

Please feel free to spread the news of this event. You can do so by visiting and inviting your friends on the Facebook Event:

If you have any questions, you can check our club’s website for updates at or email me at I look forward to hopefully having you join us for an exciting evening with Dr. Paul next week.


Club Founder Casey Given

“Constitutional Convention” Meeting Tomorrow!

Tuesday March 20   7-8 pm   87 Evans Hall

This Tuesday, Students for Liberty, UC Berkeley will be holding perhaps one of the most exciting general meetings of its existence. After a long hiatus, co-founder Casey Given will be leading an interactive discussion for the first time in almost a year reflecting upon the club’s fond memories and planning for the future, with Chris Fox at his side.

So, get ready for an inspiring evening of brainstorming ideas examining the cornerstone of our club’s existence like the Founding Fathers did three centuries ago. I give you, Students for Liberty’s “Constitutional Convention!”


A New Era for CalSFL and

A lot has happened in the club since the last update to our club, dear reader. I’m truly sorry that we’ve been neglecting you, but that pesky plague of finals had been holding us back. But, at last, the semester is over, and summer break is here, which means our site is due for a new batch of blog posts!

Indeed, my term as president of Students for Liberty expires this summer. Henceforth, I will take this site’s reins and serve as the club Blogmaster for my last year as an undergraduate. I’d like to give special thanks to Charlie Deist and Josh Weil for their prolific term as co-Blogmasters and encourage everyone to check out their stimulating and informative blog posts. During my tenure in the position, I plan to revolutionize the site with more regular posts by bloggers other than myself and perhaps even a new look. Stay tuned!

So, who is the lucky soul who will be filling in my shoes as president next year? There’s two of them, actually! Bobby Saxton and Will Skinner will serve as co-presidents of the club for the 2011-2012 school year to ensure a smooth leadership transition in this critical growing period of our club’s. I congratulate both of them for their selection, and I’m sure they will be wonderful leaders. After all, I am the one that selected them!

Upon my last meeting as president, the two of them were generous enough to present me with a plaque honoring my service to the club and proclaiming me “Eternal President.” As much as I would love to follow in the footsteps of Kim Il-sung, I think my resignation is a healthy step for the club, and our two new presidents will doubtlessly be good navigators to guide our organization in the right direction. So, cheers to a new era for CalSFL and!

Student Group of the Year Acceptance Speech, Take Two

The following is a blog post I wrote for Students For Liberty’s website:

Last weekend, my club at Berkeley was honored with the Students For Liberty Student Group of the Year Award at the fourth annual International Conference. The win came as quite a shock to me; indeed, so much so that I barely gave an acceptance speech. Overcome by the surreality of the moment, I stumbled on then off the stage without clearly articulating myself. Thus, I would like to use this blog post to both express proper thanks and give a few words of wisdom to other clubs striving to promote liberty at their university.

First, I would like to greatly thank Students For Liberty for the incredible support they have provided to my club over the two years of its existence. I can honestly say that my club would not have been as successful if it wasn’t for the constant influx of resources SFL has sent our way. From their free books project to their protest grants, my club has truly been empowered by SFL. This was not only a major contributing factor to our success, but also inspired me to personally become active in the organization as a Campus Coordinator.

Next, I would like to give two bits of advice– one for starting clubs and one for established organizations. Regarding the former, I call upon students who are considering starting such a group to be steadfast and dedicated in their mission. Three years ago, I thought that founding a libertarian organization at UC Berkeley, one of the most notoriously leftist campuses in the country, would be social suicide. However, after a little work, I was inspired to see how many liberty-oriented students were hiding at my school, awaiting for such an organization to be created. Indeed, the light of liberty can shine at even in some of the most hostile of campuses. All that is needed is dedication to the cause. And, trust me, the reward is much worth the risk. Starting my club has genuinely been one of the most defining moments of my life, shaping my college experience in such a positive way. So, get out there and spark the fight for freedom at your university!

For those established student organizations, I would like to make a call to blogging. To my understanding, there are only two libertarian college clubs that maintain an active website– my own and University of Nevada, Reno’s Students for Liberty. Blogging is a fantastic way to disseminate the philosophy of liberty and draw attention to your club. Indeed, not only does my club’s blog now receive over 1000 hits monthly, but also several of our past speakers first expressed interest in lecturing to us after stumbling upon our website. In the age of the Internet, social media is a great way to demonstrate your organization’s presence and relevance on your campus. Thus, I encourage you start the college libertarian blogging revolution!

With those words of wisdom, my second acceptance is concluded. Again, I would like to thank Students For Liberty and encourage everyone to get out there and promote liberty. If we can do it at Berkeley, you can do it anywhere!

Vote for Our Club for the SFL Student Group of the Year Award!

The following is a very important email update sent to the club’s listserv on Monday, January 10th:

Hey SFLers,

I’m sorry to disturb your winter slumber, but some very exciting news regarding our club has been happening lately that requires immediate attention. Last week, the national organization Students For Liberty announced that our club is a nominee for their Student Group of the Year Award, which will be awarded at their International Conference this upcoming February. As you can imagine, our club leadership has been ecstatic since the announcement. It is quite an honor just to be nominated, and we are happy simply to be recognized in such a fashion.

But here’s the catch: the winner of the award is determined by popular vote, meaning that people such as yourself will determine who will emerge victorious. Thus, I am emailing you today to encourage you to vote for our club. Voting is completely anonymous and there are no requirements to do so. Thus, regardless of whether you are a student, non-student, active member of the club or not, you are eligible to vote! Furthermore, each individual can cast one ballot per day, meaning that you can vote dozens of times before the polls close in February. This is all very important information because, as you can imagine, it is people like yourselves who determine the winner. Essentially, we can determine our own victory. Thus, I highly encourage you to vote and get the word out to your friends in any manner possible (Facebook, email, word of mouth, etc.). Let’s make our club officially the best libertarian student organization of 2011! Below are the relevant links for voting:

Description of Nominees:

Official ballot:

Let’s get out the vote! I thank you for taking time out of the precious last few days of break and encourage you to stay tuned for more information coming soon about our club’s exciting upcoming semester!

Sincerely & For Liberty,
Casey Given
Students for Liberty, UC Berkeley

We’re a Finalist for the Students For Liberty Student Group of the Year Award!

I just received this enthralling email from Vice President of Students For Liberty Clark Ruper:


Congratulations!  The UC Berkeley SFL is a finalist for the Students For Liberty Student Group of the Year Award.  We received many high quality nominations, but your group stood out as among the best in the world.  The finalists will all be honored and the winner announced at the Friday night awards dinner at the 2011 International Students For Liberty Conference this February.

We will announce the finalists and open voting for the awards on the SFL website this Monday.  Please send me any pictures that you would like included in the website description no later than Sunday.
Thank you for your great work for liberty.  I look forward to seeing you in February at the International Conference.

Sincerely & For Liberty,
Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to get your vote on!