The War on Drugs Rally TOMORROW!

The following is an email update sent to the club’s announcement listserv on Tuesday, April 19th:

Come join Students for Liberty and Students for Sensible Drug Policy at our second annual 4/20 rally TOMORROW– Wednesday, April 20th– from 12-1 PM at the MARIO SAVIO STEPS of SPROUL PLAZA! This year’s event is themed “The War On Drugs” and will feature speeches from students and activists about the status of drug prohibition on a broader scale than simply marijuana. The event will be interactive, with several booths with free and cheap goodies including brownies! And, fear not, the only thing special about these brownies is their chocolaty goodness:

The keynote speaker of the really will be Denis Peron, the marijuana and LGBT activist who opened the first legal dispensary in the United States and co-authored California Proposition 215, which legalized medicinal marijuana in the state. Mr. Peron was also a close friend of famed San Francisco politician Harvey Milk in the 1970s:

All club members are encouraged to arrive at the Savio Steps at 11 AM to help set up.

See You Tomorrow,
Casey Given