Darwin in Cato Unbound

The current topic of Cato Unbound is how Darwinism, if at all, relates to classical liberalism.

Larry Arnhart wrote the lead essay in support of the connection.

PZ Myers, who I blogged about when he came to Berkeley in January, has written a reaction against Arnhant’s.

Both essays are worth reading, but the main point of this post is to share this awesome graphic.

  • Casey Given

    Darwinism and (classical) liberalism are absolutely related. Liberalism, after all, is not simply a political theory but rather a systemic method to approach the world and distribute resources. Liberalism distributes power through democracy, goods through capitalism, and knowledge through science. Being that Darwin’s theory of evolution passes science’s test of knowledge, it is in essence a liberal theory.

    My definition of liberalism is taken largely from Jonathan Rauch’s excellent book Kindly Inquisitors, which thoroughly analyzes liberalism. I highly recommend it for everyone.