Destroying the System From Within

I’ve been inspired by the Reno Students For Liberty club to make a statement about student government. The Reno folk do good work and are rightly recognized for it. They recently received thousands of dollars of student money for an “Abolish the ASUN” event complete with ponies, pizza, and a mechanical bull. Government waste at its finest.

On that theme, I’ve officially declared my candidacy for ASUC President. My name will appear on the ballot as Josh “Abolish the ASUC” Weil. Vote for me if you don’t believe in the legitimacy of the ASUC.

My campaign platform:

  1. Veto any bill that doesn’t return money directly to students.
  2. Promise not to speak for students.

The ASUC takes your money and spends it on things that you probably wouldn’t have chosen to spend your money on in your private capacity. By eliminating a multi-million dollar budget, we could potentially refund students about $100 a semester (back of the envelope calculation). That’s more than enough money to start your own student club.

Our current President has a nasty habit of sending emails in support of causes some students are behind and others aren’t. Even if 99.9% of the student body voted for me (which would never happen considering voter apathy and persistent low turnout), I still wouldn’t make statements on behalf of students. I believe an ASUC politician only speaks for one person: himself. If people voluntarily want to create a group and elect a leader that speaks for that group, I’m all for that. But here at Berkeley, we have no choice.

So begins my first campaign for higher office. Who knows, I might even end up on top. There’s a chance greater than zero that I will win.